Our Kinesiology Services

Personal Training for Special Populations

Healthy living is challenging, our Registered Kinesiologist focuses on helping people with complex health histories reach their health and fitness goals. This includes (but is not limited to) people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and high blood pressure.

Injury Rehabilitation

Our Registered Kinesiologist will get you back to your pre-injury status through human movement! Completing an assessment, prescribing exercises and providing hands on therapy as well. Give us a call to see if seeing our Kinesiologist is right for you!

Performance Training

If you want to gain a step on your opponent this is service is for you. With advanced knowledge and experience prescribing the latest muscle and speed building techniques this is sure to level up your game. Performance training is also scientifically proven to reduce the likelihood of injury

Functional Ability Evaluation Assessment

At Impact Physiotherapy and Performance, we provide comprehensive Functional Ability Evaluations. These are assessments that determine how much you can lift, push and pull at work so you can safely return to work following an injury.

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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology was officially recognized as a Registered Healthcare profession within Ontario in 2013 and is similar in many ways to Physiotherapy. The key differences between physiotherapy and Kinesiology lie in education of the provider, and the ability to perform controlled acts in Ontario. A kinesiologist is unable to provide any controlled acts while a physiotherapist is able to provide a few of them. Namely, a kinesiologist is unable to provide a diagnosis, nor can they perform acupuncture. A Kinesiologist specializes in proper human movement and using exercise as a tool for recovery. Having a Kinesiologist and a physiotherapist working together on your health and rehabilitation allows for an enhanced treatment experience and the most efficient return to pre-injury status.