Frequently asked Questions

Answers to your Questions!

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a registered healthcare profession in Ontario that works to restore your health and well being. With incredibly in-depth knowledge of the human body, a physiotherapist provides a multitude of different services to assess, diagnose and rehabilitate your injury, illness and/or pain. They can help you become stronger, more flexible, reduce pain, improve movement capabilities and prevent further injury.

What should I expect?

Your first assessment is up to 60 minutes, where the physiotherapist will go through your injury’s history in detail. Any previous tests or imaging you have had done will be discussed. Then the physiotherapist will do a physical assessment to get a thorough understanding of your injury. From there they will communicate what they think is going on and provide treatment for pain relief, to restore movement and/ or to strengthen the affected area. They will also provide attendance recommendation and home exercise prescription to you at this time.

What are your wait times like?

We are currently booking new assessments about 3-4 weeks in advance. Wait times do vary and we offer emergency appointments as well on a case by case basis. If you know you are going to need an appointment for post-operation treatment we highly recommend calling and booking well in advance of when you would need it.

Do I have to be vaccinated or need to show proof of vaccination against COVID19? Do I have to wear a mask?

No, as an essential service we are open to provide all of our services regardless of your COVID19 vaccination status, Per Ontario Regulation 645/21

Yes, we are still requiring all clients to wear a mask for their appointments to ensure the safety of everyone.

What measures are we taking different to stop the spread of COVID19?

Staff will be contacting clients by phone a few days before their scheduled appointment to screen them for COVID-19 symptoms; clients will then be screened again by staff the day of their appointment when they arrive at the clinic using a similar questionnaire.
All therapists and reception staff will be wearing at minimum a medical mask and will follow proper hand hygiene practices before and after care.
Staff are required to screen themselves for signs of respiratory illness prior to coming into work, and are to refrain from coming into work if they have such symptoms. Patient contact areas are cleaned after every appointment.

Do you service patrons who have been in a Workplace Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accident?

We do submit claims and treat people with workplace injuries and are going through WSIB. We do not submit to car insurance companies for rehabilitation after a car accident

Do I require a Doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist?

No, you do not need a referral to see a physiotherapist! As primary health care providers, physiotherapists have the capacity to do a primary assessment themselves. However, your benefits may require a referral for reimbursement of physiotherapy services. It is best to check your coverage or call your provider to ensure you have what you need before your assessment!

Do you offer Massage Therapy?

No, unfortunately we do not have a Registered Massage Therapist on Staff.

Do you direct bill to insurance companies?

Yes, we do direct bill to most insurance companies. However, there are a few companies that require you to pay in the clinic and they will reimburse you after.

How Do I get to the Clinic?

From Highway #6 South:
Cross Highways #6 and #9 and at the first set of lights, turn right onto Charles Street (the Royal Bank is on that corner). 110 Charles Street is the first building on the right hand side of the street. We are located on the 2nd floor inside the Arthur Family Health Centre (above the public library).

From Highway #6 North:
Once in Arthur, at the second set of lights, turn left onto Charles street  (by the RBC). 110 Charles Street is the first building on the right hand side of the street. We are located on the 2nd floor inside the Arthur Family Health Centre (above the public library).