Over 18 Years of Experience in the industry!

We Treat All Conditions

Including but not limited to:

All musculoskeletal injuries such as shoulder, knee and back pain/ injuries

Head, neck and brain injuries like Concussions and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

WSIB Claims and Work related Injuries

What To Expect:

Your first assessment is up to an hour long, to ensure we have a solid understanding of your situation, Follow up appointments are 30 minutes in length

The therapist will assess the problem area as well as surrounding joints to determine the problem

We ask that you come to your appointment wearing loose comfortable clothing. If you are having a hip or knee looked at then please bring or wear shorts to change into if you are able

We Offer:

Manual Stretching and therapy including soft tissue release

Cupping, acupuncture, muscle stimulation

Exercise Prescription

And whatever else you may need to effectively and efficiently get back to your pre-injury status

Not Sure If Physiotherapy Is Right For You?

Give Us a Call and We Will be Happy To Help